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22 July 2011 @ 10:46 pm
Met Tom Felton today at Hollywood Blvd! He was so sweet and amazing. I wanted to be different then everyone else so when I went up to get my autograph and picture I told him that I saw him in the movie "White Other" and he was amazing in it. Its a short film he did that released the same day as HP 7.1. He was really impressed that I saw it. I thought it would make him feel good to know someone saw another film he was in and not just Harry Potter. He told me they filmed the movie real quick after he was done with Hallows and laughed when I said the twist ending totally shocked me. He also complemented me on my name. :) Amazing day!

Ignore the over weight me. x_x

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Everyone can watch the film here if the want!
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09 April 2009 @ 06:40 pm

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26 March 2009 @ 11:23 pm
I joined the health club today! YAY Me!!!

Now lets see if I actually go. x_x I need to though. I'm so...over weight. :(

Also a friend from work took me to get horseback riding lessons last night. It was so much fun!!! I haven't gone horseback riding in soooo long. When I was young I took horseback riding lessons for 5 years. I was pretty damn good too. But I got older and life got harder so I had to quit. But now I really really really want to get back into it. But first I need to get in shape!

Please let me have the willpower to get my self back in shape and healthy again.
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21 March 2009 @ 04:05 pm
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20 March 2009 @ 10:17 pm
I now have a Last.fm!!! Everyone add me now. lol.

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20 February 2009 @ 09:32 pm
Draco is looking sexy!!!!

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20 February 2009 @ 04:22 pm
I finally have a layout!!! Woo!

I once learned a long time ago how to do lj layout but then I sort of fell out of lj and then forgot everything I learned. Now that I'm all in to lj again its be driving me crazy looking at everyone's pretty journals and seeing now ugly mine was.

I've been dying to Tokio-Hotel-afiy my journal for ages. So thanks to schnurrl for giving herself a new layout, which made me want to make one, therefore I tried to figure out how she does it, which led me to minty_peach layout codes and her lovely tutorials for newbs and yea... lol. Now I have a Tokio Hotel layout. :)

I don't think the header was made by anyone...I think it just came like that? I found it my Tokio Hotel pictures folder. So....if it is someones artwork please let me know so I can credit them.
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04 February 2009 @ 08:19 pm
Today is the slowest day of my life. Its also my day off and I should be enjoying it!!! But I just can't. ._.

10 January 2009 @ 02:13 pm
OH YEA! Its my Birthday!!!

Jackies here and we partied last night with my other friends. Went to dinner, drank, saw the really scary movie "The Unborn" with her dead twin brother haunting her. lol. Came back to the house watched some movies, drank, and had ICE CREAM CAKE! Mmmm Then went to bed around 5am.
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06 January 2009 @ 09:38 pm
So.....when I expected my Dad to be back in my life again I did not expect that him and my Mom would be fighting every night. o_o (for the people that don't know, Dads been in Texas for the past 3 years cause of a job transfer. Mom and I stayed in IL, now Dads retired and back in our lives.)

And its all over fucking dinner! x_x She works all day now that hes retired and he just sits on his ass and expects her to come home after a hard day of work and cook. My moms cooked for him every damn fucking day while he worked. Now she works and its his turn to be Mister Mom. But hes so old school he just can't get it through his head. He grew up in the times where the wife stays home and cooks and cleans all day while the man goes off to work and bring home the cash.

*sigh* My dad will never change. I'm still glad hes home though.
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